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What a difference a day can make -- Jus In Bello

What a difference a day can make.



So I was sitting watching re-runs of CSI-Miami the other day . . .


Alright, I’ll just wait for you all to stop snickering.


Anytime now . . .




As I was saying, I was sitting watching reruns of CSI Miami the other day and suddenly recognized a familiar face.


Don’t you love it when you see one of our SN guests somewhere else? It always makes me smile.


After shouting “Hey! It’s Henricksen!” at the TV (which didn’t reply. It never does.) I eagerly watched him as he was interviewed by the CSI team willing them to believe him, willing him to be innocent. I mean, he didn’t know all that was going on in his store! How could he?


And then I realized what a difference a day can make.


When I watched previews for Jus in Bello and saw that the boys would be going up against their FBI nemesis, I remember shuddering. I didn’t want him to get a hold of our boys, he’s crazy!


And my feelings were confirmed when he stopped by to chat with them in the jail cell.


“You know what I’m trying to decide?”


“What I’m having for dinner tonight.”


Dean was his usually charming self, despite Sam’s miserable detachment until:


“Take a good look at Sam.  You two will never see each other again.”


Bastard. Then:


“Your daddy brainwashed you with all that devil talk and no doubt touched you in a bad place.”


Even chained on the inside of a cell, the Winchester brothers are suddenly the most menacing thing in that building, hell, probably even that state.  You don’t go there with their family.


And yet, 20 minutes later as I watch Dean and Henricksen prepare for battle, and then watch as he backs Dean up with “We don’t sacrifice people.  We do that, we’re no better than them.” I gotta admit.  I got warm fuzzy feelings for our favorite FBI agent.


Finally, as Sera gave the final twist of her knife while introducing us to Lilith, I mourned his loss. I had hoped for the beginning of a cycle. Experienced hunters starting to mentor new hunter. All lost in a blast of white light.


What a difference a day can make.


In the masterful hands of our Supernatural writers, directors and actors, we don’t even need a day.  Just a moment for Ava to turn and kill Andy.


So what do you all think?  Any moments or episodes that marked a turning point for you?  Come on in, have a seat, and join in the discussion!


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