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I bring you the first entry for Winter Hellatus 2008/2009 of the Supernatural Unbook Club. I will be discussing for you a compare and contrast of Sammy!Sex that we’ve seen onscreen from Heart versus I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Aesthetically, it appeared that Madison had the best Sammy!sex out there. Theirs was a tryst filled with anticipation and doomed from the start. Sammy made himself available to her by making sure not to be the Winchester not out looking for the deranged ex-boyfriend. Then came the flaunting of the underwear collection and bonding over the cheesy, cheesy soap opera. After an entire night of waiting to see if she was going to change into a werewolf, they had the most awesome sex the CW has ever shown. Since Sammy was somewhat healed over the whole Jessica situation, he became attached to Madison and consumed with trying to save her. Dean clearly approved of this, as he dismissed himself from the whole affair in a “smooth” manor, and was just as sad for his brother that the whole thing didn’t work out.

Fast forward a year and a half… Sam had died and been brought back from the dead. Dean’s deal. Dean’s died as well. Sam is distraught and unable to cope. Enter Ruby, back from hell, trying to get Sam to use his powers for whatever reason, grudge against Lilith, whatever. Sam is so sad and broken and lost that he doesn’t know what to do with himself. Ruby is attempting to bring him back to life using any possible tool at her disposal, including her recycled meat suit. Hers was an ugly-bump of epic proportion. Dean did not approve of this, sighting it as an over-share, “TMI” to be exact.

A few observations about Sam and sex… Sam is the more sensitive of the Winchester boys, the brother who cares about people and lends a shoulder and an ear and generally be there for the people. These traits all go out the window when he unleashes the beast. He likes it rough to say the least. This is a big part of why I’m a Sam!girl all the way. He surrenders himself to his instincts and is completely uninhibited. This is why the scene with him and Madison is so awesome. While Sam is with Ruby, he handles her rough and she doesn’t seem to mind, being a demon and all. Sam likes to have a romantic mood, complete with a fire in a fireplace. Sam did not make the first move with either of these “women.” Sam is like Buffy in the sense that he likes to have a little monster in his woman, or else he runs away or they end up dead. Jessica obviously died, he ran away from Laurie (Hookman, and I admit, that one was too soon), and he ran away from Sarah and never looked back. Meg was a demon, who he seemed a little bit attracted to, but not a lot and they had to send her ass back to hell… he had to kill Madison so she wouldn’t kill anyone else. Bela (while that was in his dreams, still weird) wound up dead, and she wasn’t exactly on the up-and-up, which brings us back to demon, Ruby. Wow, if I were Sam, I’d stay single forever.

All and all, I feel that all that grave excavating, demon hunting and running around has caused Sam to become ripped! ZOMG talk about drool-inducing… Sam has a thing for the romance given by a fire and falls for the wiles of less-than-human women, but that doesn’t mean it’s not hot to watch.

Thoughts? Am I totally nuts here?

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