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Sticky Post - Supernatural Un-Book Club

This is a guide to the different installments of the Supernatural Un-Book Club.

Intro - Welcome and description of the club

Chapter 1 - Panns with Roadkill

Chaper 2 - Sarie with Skin

Chapter 3 - Tariel with Faith

Chapter 4 - Brit with Bloody Mary

Chapter 5 - Pengy with Born Under a Bad Sign

Chapter 6 - Panns with What Is and What Should Never Be

Chapter 7 - Ocean with Benders

Chapter 8 - Whimsy with Nightshifter

Chapter 9 - FrenchLady with Home

Chapter 10 - Mary with Salvation, Devil's Trap, IMTOD, Dead Man's Blood

Chapter 11 - Panns with WIAWSNB/Fresh Blood

Chapter 12 - Cindy Rose with Croatoan/Hunted

Chapter 13 - Samidha with A Very Supernatural Christmas

Chapter 14 - Brit with Dead in the Water

Chapter 15 - Mary with Phantom Traveler

Ok, this sticky post isn't very sticky (sorry!), but I will keep updating it.


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