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Welcome to the Supernatural Un-Book Club Community.

Welcome to the Supernatural Un-Book Club Community.
This was started in an attempt to give us something to do during the various “Hellatuses” (or would that be “Hellati”?)  from new Supernatural episodes that happen to often throughout the year.
The idea is to pick a Supernatural episode, and present it in a way that’s a little different than the usual episode review that we usually do.  It’s basically choosing an episode (or episodes), and then picking something that strikes you for discussion. For example, it might be about the bond between brothers, it might be about foreshadowing for future episodes, or it might just be something you noticed in the episode.
For those that have previously posted, please feel free to either repost or post a link here so that we can have the “chapters” of our club in one place.
Thank you to all who have participated in either hosting or posting comments.
And thank you to whimsywinxfor finding all these amazing icons!
Now I just have to figure out how to use them . . . :-)
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