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Supernatural is on Hiatus -- Time for the Supernatural Un-Book Club!

So leaving us with this image

Erik Kripke has once again catapulted us into another hellatus.


And I’m so at a loss for words after that last scene, that I’ve been having trouble writing this. I think I’ve started it four or five times.


Anyway, here it is, with the start of the hellatus, we are back to the Supernatural Un-Book Club! If you don’t know about it, this is something that we do to get us through the hellatus. We take past episodes and revisit them. If you go here, you can see some of our different “installments” of the book club. And if you read under “Welcome and description of the club”, you can get an idea of the type of approach we take.


We usually pick a weekend on which to post, and post sometime on or around that weekend. (I’ve posted as late as Wednesday.)


Just a reminder, you are welcome to do an episode that’s already been done. There are a lot of different ways to “slice and dice” an episode, so to speak!


If you are interested, please either comment or PM me. I’ll assign weekends on a first come-first serve basis. We are going from this upcoming weekend until January 10th.


I’m happy to announce that [info]bananabehr is going to take the first weekend (December 6th) with a comparison of Heart and IKWYDLS. Thanks!


So come and join us, and if you are not inspired to “host” a week, please just come in and chat about the episode!  We’d love to see everyone!


*credit to for the screencap

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