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Un-Book Club Thank You!

Hello all!
With the return of first-run Supernatural episodes *glee* it’s time to take a break from the “Un-book” Club.
I would like to take this time to thank everyone who has “hosted” one of these get-togethers as well as all who have participated in the discussions.  I’ve really enjoyed the discussions and having a “new” chance to return to some of my favorite episodes.
I’m figuring we’ll start up again in the summer once we’ve all had a chance to process whatever Kripke and company throw at us in the next three weeks.
Coming up in the summer, we have Shutterbugs hosting Heartbardicvoicehosting Salvation/Devil's Trap/IMTOD, originalcindyr hosting Croatoan/Hunted and Kitty hosting Nightmare.  If any of you would like to “book” a weekend now, please PM me.  Also if anyone else is interested in hosting, please let me know.
Something to think about is that just because an episode has been done, it doesn’t mean that you can’t return to it.  For example, I did WiaWSNB, but I focused on the mind of Dean Winchester.  Someone else might want to take a look at the use of light and shadows or the use to color to accent Dean’s trip “over the rainbow”. In fact, the next time that I’m up, I’m going to pick a scene from WiaWSNB and compare it with a scene from another episode.
Just a little food for thought.
I think I’ve figured out how to do a sticky-post, and will put one up with links to all the Un-Book Club posts.
Again, thanks to all of you, and see you all this summer!!
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